Friday, August 7, 2015

Hello everyone!

Today is a day of a little but of everything.  I had my last day of work with the family I have been baby sitting for yesterday.  They moved out of state today.  So I am now unemployed.  Giving myself a day before working hard to find something new!  I have already stitched on three projects, and have plans to stitch some more, as well as writing this post!

I promised last time I would show you some of my works in progress.  I decided to show off my active, versus my dormant, WIPs.  There are more than these, but I will cover them in a different post!

First is my most active WIP at the moment, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" by Fiddlesticksau on etsy.  I don't have a photo of the finished piece and I don't want to steal her picture, but you can click here to get to her shop and to see what it will look like when finished.

Here is my progress:

I am working on this piece as part of Stitch May-nia (a group of stitchers on Facebook).  They are currently having a Stitch Along called August ABCs, during which you stitch on something with letters or words.  I figured why not pick the "biggest word you ever heard?"  I am hoping to finish this for a friend's birthday this month.  She is a big fan of Mary Poppins!


The next piece is also a Stitch Along!  It is The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's Storytime Sampler.  Click here to view their page on it.  Each month, they release a new frame with a classic story illustrated within it.  

Here is my progress:

I have finished months January through July.  August just came out and it is the Phantom of the Opera!  I can't wait to stitch it.  I hope to start later today.  As you can see, I did make a few changes.  I added a violin to the Sherlock Holmes frame and changed Peter Pan to a redhead and added the Crocodile.  Tick tock...


The next project is one of a set of six stitches I am doing as a gift for one of my best friends.  He loves the game Pokemon and I had him pick out a team of his favorites to stitch.  This is the third I've done.

This Pokemon is called Honedge.  It is a sword said to be possessed by a vengeful spirit.  I have a bit more light blue and then I will fill in the white that is left.  Not too much more and this will be finished!


Speaking of Pokemon, after stitching them for other people, I wanted to stitch some for myself, so I started my very first "big ass project" or BAP.  It is the Epic Generation One Pokemon Stitch designed by Servotron.  You can find it here as well as see how epic it will be when finished.

I have two Pokemon fully stitched and am working on number 3 (out of 151!)  It is such a fun project!  I love seeing each monster come to life.  I decided to stitch each individually rather than go page by page for nostalgia's sake.


And the last I will include is another BAP.  This is my first full coverage design.  I saw the painting "After the Bath" by Theo van Rysselberghe and fell in love.  Up until that moment, I had no desire to stitch a giant, full coverage design.  I ran the painting through and got a pattern, kitted it up and started right away.

The original painting:

And this is where I am at:

I have only gotten about half a page out of 21 (I think) pages.  I am stitching it 1 over 1 on a 25 ct lugana.  Such tiny stitches, but it should be worth it!


And that is all for now!  I hope to check in once a week to show off progress to you all!  Look for a post going over dormant WIPs and finishes sometime soon as well.

Happy stitching!


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